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coalmacTwenty years ago, one unit of first Internal Chain Stoker Coal Boiler was imported from U.K. and installed at one of the leading five star hotel in the City of Heilonjian, the ice cold city of Northern China, where the quality of coal is different from that of other part of China. Coal in the extreme Northern area is like the coal of Russia. Sooner later, the leading boiler maker in that City tried to manufacture the internal chain stoker boiler following the design boiler from U.K. But, when they started to market this new boiler to other provinces of China, they encountered several problems due to the different characteristics of coal. Coal of southern China is very much similar to the Indonesian coal, that is classified as young bituminus coal. Major problem were the low ash melting point of young coal and high content of fine particle of 0-10 mm which almost shares 70% of the ROM coal from mining site. The Heilonjian Boiler Factory had made model change as many as 7 times during 20years up to now to solve the said problem in order to fit this Internal Chain Stoker Boiler good for the coal of alal provinces of China (same as Indonesia). Firstly, they modified from wet back design to dried back in order to give longer space for the chain stoker extended to the back portion of the boiler shell so that the chain stoker will have enough time for the finish burning process. Thus unburn coal dropping at the end of the chain stoker was solved. Second modification was made to the design of the chain stoker. Original U.K design could not accept fine coal of 0-10 mm. After this modification, we can use fine coal of 0-10 mm without problem. After these improvement made on the original UK boiler, as many as 450 units were successfully distributed to many provinces of China up to this date. This year of 2003, Hamada Boiler of Japan enterred into a exclusove distributorship agreement with the Heilonjian Boiler Factory to market this Internal Chain Stoker Boiler under the Trademark of COALMAC to International market using the existing Hamada network. Picture was taken in 1992 showing the undergoing production of COALMAC boiler of 5 ton with the chairman of Hamada Boiler standing in front.
Short Chain Stoker
European Chain stoker was too short for the bituminus coal of China
Longer Chain Stoker
Later,improvement was made to use full length of Chain Stoker to give more time to burn local bituminus coal
European Internal chain must use NUT coal like this
NUT coal price is 30% higher than the Fines.

COALMAC uses Fine Coal
Fine coal is always the cheapest coal

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