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The pressure parts of the steam generator consists of the radiant section, the convection section and the water-water heat exchanger. The feed water system, fuel burning system, steam seperator, compressed air equipment, piping, valves, control cabinet and other instruments are completely packaged on the base skid ready for connection with outside terminal at the site. The radiant section consists of a cylindrical shell with refractory insulation and horizontal serpentines inside. The burner is installed in front of the radiant section and the rear end the _______ is ready to be connected with the convection duct.
The convection section consists of several rows of bare tubes (called shock tube section) and extended surface convection tubes. The stack is mounted on the upper part of the convection on the upper part of the convection sectionk, and the lower part of the convection section is connecte to the convection duct. The convection duct is usually of semi-circular cross-section and is made of plate steel, refractory _____. It is welded together with the radiant section, and connected of the convection sectionwith bolts. An observation prot for inspection and maintenance is equipped at the rear end. Valves and pipings include feed-water system, steam dischange, fuel atomizing, fuel oil and gas system, and pneumatic control system.
The steam generator is equipped with various kinds of safety devices, alarms and automatic control systems. Safety shutdown of the unit occurs when either one of the safeguards system fails or anyone of the predetermined operating limits reaches.
The steam generator is offered as fully serf-contained trailer-mounted models, and can also be supplied in a few blocks, each mounted on a skid completely prefabricated for easy transportation and installation at the site.
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